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At HFDE Services, we value all feedback from our clients.

Thank you so much Mr. Pang.
Your help is greatly appreciated. Your preliminary report has helped my family getting some negotiation power at mediation. And both sides have decided not to go to court in October.
Best wishes to you and family.

Judy Chiang


As a document examiner and an expert witness in handwriting, William Pang always maintains that his paramount duty is to the court. His reports are writing in clear language and his opinions are expressed honestly without fear or favour. It is always instructive to engage him, and although we have become close friends over the years, he never allows friendship to interfere with his professionalism.

Tan Beng Hong
Tan Beng Hong & Company (Malaysia)

William Pang has advised and offered his expert opinions to our clients in a number of matters. We have always found him to be analytical, detailed and professional in his work. I enjoy working with him as he is articulate with his grounds and generous with his explanations. He is also alive to the challenges we face as counsel, and supports us in the delivery of our legal services to our clients.

Raymond Mah
MahWengKwai & Associates (Malaysia)

In the conduct of the case, Mr. William Pang replied promptly to queries posed by our clients and was very professional throughout the progress of the case. …
Mr. Pang’s report was thorough, comprehensive and credible.
We are very satisfied with Mr. William Pang’s service and will not hesitate to engage him in the future.

S. Thulasidas
Ling Das & Partners

I have used his services on a number of occasions. I found his professionalism remarkable. He has been thorough going and objective in his inspection and analyses of documents.
Mr. Pang has also with him the instruments for studying and analysing the documents. He can be relied upon to be reliable and efficient in his services.
I would strongly commend him to anyone who needs a handwriting expert.

Dr. G Raman
KhatarWong LLP

I worked with William Pang on a case concerning a forged signature on a cheque. I found William’s report to be clear in his methodology and analysis of the questioned signature, allowing me to easily to justify his findings to Court. Further, William was also helpful and generous with his time and resources in helping me to properly understand the nature and techniques of handwriting examination resulting in an effective cross-examination of the opposing handwriting expert. William will continue to be my first port of call for examination of documents and handwriting and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Wong Guo Bin
Izral Partnership (Malaysia)

We have used the services of Mr. William Pang multiple times to verify the authenticity of signatures in contested claims in labour court.
His expertise as a handwriting and forensic document examiner was a huge advantage in verifying claims and counter claims.
I thoroughly enjoy my time working with Mr. Pang and came to know him as honest, objective and dependable. He balances these strengths with a compassionate heart for those who are unable to afford the discovery of truth.

Peter Teo
Wednesday Clinic, TWC2

I write to express my sincere appreciation for the professional services that you have rendered to me concerning the recent case that I conducted in the High Court concerning an alleged forgery.
Your expert analysis and the ease with which you conveyed the same was of immense use and benefit to me in successfully concluding the matter. In particular, I must say that as a local expert you were equal to if not better than some of the esteemed foreign forensic experts whom I have dealt with in the course of the last 30 years of my practice.
I look forward to working with you in future cases.

R S Bajwa
Bajwa & Co

I have had the opportunity of working with William Pang on issues/matters relating to inter alia authenticity of documents, I am of the view that Mr. Pang is extremely knowledgeable in this field.
Mr. Pang is prompt and thorough in his professional dealing/s and certainly an asset to have in cases requiring expertise on matters/issues relating to authenticity of documents and the like. Mr. Pang is meticulous in his document examination, findings, and reporting technique. In addition to this Mr. Pang has shown impeccable professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm in the work entrusted to him.
Undoubtedly, where work necessitates, Mr. Pang’ shall be consulted again for his expertise and assistance in the field of document examination/authenticity.

Cheryl A. Monteiro
Monetiro & Co

Our firm engaged the services of Mr. William Pang as an expert witness in forensic matters related to document and handwriting analyses in two (2) completed matters.
In the first matter, which went for trial, Mr. William Pang was called as an expert witness by our client. Mr. Pang’s demeanour in Court was professional, his testimony clear and thorough. He maintained his composure in the course of cross-examination. He answered questions put to him, in my view, succinctly and informatively.
The second matter did not go for trial. Our clients were very happy with Mr. Pang’s services.
We have no hesitations in recommending Mr. Pang to other colleagues in the profession and would definitely repeat custom with him in the future.

Martin De Cruz
Shenton Law Practice

I have had on 3 occasions the opportunity of engaging Mr. William Pang as a forensic document examiner / handwriting expert concerning forged documents …
Mr. William Pang’s clear and detailed objective explanations as to his methodology and analysis to arrive at his conclusion in the written report as to the authenticity of the questioned signature in all 3 cases were thorough and convincingly persuasive.
As an expert witness, his oral testimony was clear, succinct and to the point on all occasions which convinced the Judges on the balance of probability leading to decisions in our favour.
Mr. William Pang has shown integrity and expert knowledge in the areas engaged and is prompt and meticulous in the discharge of the professional work entrusted to him.
I look forward to working with him again in future matters.

Lim & Ho (Malaysia)

Maybe by the sheer experience of him in the field and the careful and meticulous manner with which he discharges his work, I find William Pang knowledgeable and a convincing expert witness. He is there to resolve problems of handwriting and is always ready to explore different possibilities; telling you candidly the strengths and weaknesses of your propositions. Being conversant in the English and Chinese languages and well-versed in both the Western and Chinese cultures, William is always alert to the background and upbringing of different authors which may inform the way they write. William can amply justify or account for the way how each brush or stroke may come about of different writers. More importantly, he is able to articulate his findings and analysis in a simple and systematical manner, making it easy for any layman, and of course the Courts, to understand and be convinced.
The only drawback (if it can be considered as one) is that William Pang is based in Singapore while I require his expertise mostly in Hong Kong; but William is ready and willing to travel and be the expert witness in Hong Kong. Indeed he has ample opportunities of rendering expert assistance in different levels of the Hong Kong Courts.
Having had the chance to work with William, I find him flexible, efficient and very easy to work with. The experience has been very informative and pleasant; and his quality work was a great help.

Claire Mak
Wong, Hui & Co. (Hong Kong)

William Pang had given his testimony as an expert witness in one of my cases where the authenticity of signature was an issue.
I found that he replied promptly to requests. His report was thorough and comprehensive. I enjoyed working with him and will recommend his services to clients who need the services of an expert on handwriting.

Goh Phai Cheng SC
Goh Phai Cheng LLC

Mr William Pang has always provided meticulous service on the various assignments my firm has entrusted to him. I have continuously recommended him to other firms and have done so with confidence.
William will always be the person who would be entrusted with my firm’s requirement for the specialist services he provides.

Sarbjit Singh
Selvam LLC